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We are an Creative agency, based in Toronto, providing best value for your website creation and hosting needs

What We Do

Website Hosting

We host your website for less than.  No long do you need to worry about knowing how to configure your DNS, upload website content with SCP all these techno jargons. If you need website security, we handle SSL/TLS certificate provisioning and installation for you also.  If you want to transfer from your existing web hosting company, we will gladly handle everything for you, so you can focus on your core business activities.  If you need to build a website, we can help you also.

Mobile Application Design

We design mobile applications for our SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) clients for their everyday use.  May it be Android application for status report, or iOS application controlling settings on their application servers via web services API integrating backend database servers, we can help you.  No need to worry about consultation fee as there are none.  Tell us what we can help you with, we will give you a proposal.  If you agree to our proposal, we will start working and it's that simple.

Website Creation

We are happy to build your website and host it for you.  We are a one stop shop for all your digital presence.  For an introductory offer, we can build a 5 page mobile friendly responsive website for $99.  Lots of our clients have websites from 5-10 years ago when websites were not built with mobile devices in mind, and they hire us to revamp thier websites to modern mobile friendly designs.  Nowadays most website visitors are 80% mobile and if your website is not mobile friendly, you will lose customers due to hard to navigate website, and ranking on Google would be low also.  We specialize in creating websites, taking care of sitemap, robots.txt and submit to e.g. Google search console to be crawled.  Again no need to worry about all these jargons as we take care of everything for you.

Cloud Strategy & Migration

We've helped our SME clients plan and execute their server virtualization activities.  We also help many SME clients migrate and build their servers on multiple cloud providers AWS, GCS, Azure so their infrastructure is more cost effective and provide additional redundancy.  Cloud is here to stay and everyone should take advantage of the providers' offerings.  You don't need to study to be an AWS certified engineer to leverage cloud benefits.  You don't need to have a server farm before considering moving to cloud.  We've helped many clients with 1 server building multiple redundant database backend e.g. AWS Aurora, add load balancer and create an auto-scaling group of servers in multiple Availability Zones for failover purposes.  The sky is the limit.  Let us know how we can help you today.

Best Web Hosting Pricing

You may buy the plan, then send us a message below.  Or, send us a message to have our consultants contact you via email or phone before buying our Hosting Plan.  Either way our experts will have your website online in no time.

Monthly Plan

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3-Year Plan

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